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with the united states both economic and security. the obama administration really doesn't want to revisit all of that, but president obama said on the record he understand that a new party coming to power will want to take a look at all the underlying agreements negotiated with the united states by the liberal democratic party. the big issues that will be on the table between these two leaders -- climate change, north korea, and trade. one other issue, of course, is afghanistan with the democratic party of japan came in, the prime minister decided to end a long-standing refueling operation the japanese were conducting with vessels in the indian ocean. but in exchange, the japanese government has put up funds in reconstruction aid. botin the main, this summit, the second time the two leaders have met is not going to produce any new u.s.-japanese announcement on any of the issues i discussed but it will be an opportunity for the two to discuss trade, north korea and climate change. steve: major, just a moment ago the white house office of the press secretary released something. apparently the u
on tropical storm ida. 50-mile per hour winds and heavy rain across much of the southeastern united states which has led to flooding in some areas particularly across portions of alabama. that is where the heaviest rain is right now. center of the storm has not yet made landfall but much of the rain and wind on the northern portion of that storm certainly has made landfall. right now, we are dealing with mild temperatures. 53degrees in the district. relative humidity, 89%. the winds are calm. parametric pressure on the rise, 0.27. here ia look at the satellite- radar. hook how cloudy it is across our region. much different from yesterday, the day before where we saw a good amount of sunshine. today, it will be mostly clouds. can't rule out a ray of sun here or there but a lot of clouds around for today and those clouds could eventually produce some moisture for us. here is your forecast for today though. we'll see a mild day. not as warm as it was yesterday. highs in the low to mid-60s. cloudy skies. maybe a sprinkle here or there butt best hance of rain rase lili tonight into tomorrow. mo
. >>> tropicastorm ida is getting weaker as it approaches the united states but it's still battering parts of the gulf coast with heavy rains. this is video from the southwest coast of alabama tonight. bob ryan is here with more on ida's track and her impact. sfwhob. >> doreen, it will be a major rain producer. that's the impact. the winds have now decreased. you can see on the regional radar, and i will zoom into that, it is pretty much assure heading into mobile bay, mobile, alabama, but on the east side still very heavy rain. look at pensacola, seven inches of rain today and after a very, very wet season, all wait from georgia on into louisiana, the threat from ida not so much the win winds. the tides will be well above average but flooding rains over the next couple of days. tell you more about any impact here. back to you. >> thanks, bob. >>> coming up and to the -- president obama is moving closer to a decision on troop levels in afghanistan. >>> mayor fenty responds to video that shows him using police escorts to bike on prohibited streets. >>> employees at the zoo tell news 4 why a
interesting patterns >>> the first hurricane to threaten the united states this year, atlantic hurricane season, anyway, is due to hit the gulf coast tomorrow morning. forecasters say hurricane ida could cause flooding, rough surf and tornadoes from eastern mississippi to the florida panhandle. right now it's a category 1 with 90-mile-an-hour winds. no mandatory evacuations have been ordered yet. we'll watch this this morning. >>> two u.s. pilots were killed when their helicopter went down in northern iraq. the military says the army chopper had a hard landing yesterday and the incident is under investigation. separately, a u.s. marine died from noncombat injuries west of baghdad. >>> now it falls on the united states senate to take the baton and bring this effort to the finish line on behalf of the american people. and i'm absolutely confident that they will. >> that was president obama yesterday, congratulating the house after it narrowoly passed aed 1.2 billion health care reform bill. it calls for a public option, which may not get enough support to survive in the senate version. the
that the united states has used international law instead of our own constitution as the basis to adjudicate a case. >> amnesty international and a bunch of other organizations filed a brief argueing that because of customary international law the united states was bound already to follow the u.n. convention on the rights of the child that we haven't ratified as a country. i filed a brief opposing saying they have the international law wrong. more importantly, american law should govern america. >> some of our young people are lost souls in our country and we have to find a system to help get them on the right path. is what my risk start program is about, working withat risk children to h help get them on the right path, raising self-esteem and in stilling the discipline the kids are lack. that is what is wrong with so many kids today. they are lost souls and trying to make make a mark but the mark is in a devastating way. like the columbine. that is an example of kids who are lost that needed a right participant to get them on the right path in life. martian arts. i was a lot of soul growin
for the senate he opposes the idea to bring them to the united states in part because he thinks he is going to make illinois a terror target. i talked to a national security expert who has been in the years. he laughed at that. he said look, are you kidding me. terrorists go for high value targets, big places like new york and washington as we saw on 9/11. they're not going for a town in 500. he laughed and said, are you kidding. that is going to be among the safest places in the world because there is only 500 premium. am i right? >> that was the first thing i thought of. terrorism is about the unexpected. major impacts from this. if there is going to be one safe place in america, it will be that town. >> gregg: congressman brown, it doesn't make sense in many ways? >> you are misconstruing what mark kirk is saying. he is saying it's going to bring terrorist attacks to america, like chicago and new york city. we're going to showcase these people, freedom hating cold-blooded murderers, the worst to the shores of the united states. these aren't criminals, they are enemy combatants. anybody t
as long as we deal with this storm across the southeastern united states. you can see the heavy rain, the center of the circulation is down across the panhandle. the heavy rain up to the virginia area and south of richmond where we see the heavier stuff. light stuff here. we will likely see showers develop tonight but the best chances to the south. here is why. we have a huge area of high pressure to the north of us. this thing kicked in and it will block it which is why the system will be moving more to the east and heading out to the coast. but that system will help to funnel in the strong northeas wind and we will get what is called a tight pressure gradient developing and we will be in the middle of that, no doubt about that. our area of low pressure will make it to the carolinas. as it develops, the heist yeast rain will be down there, stormy for the carolinas, maybe upwards of 8 inches of rain in that area. we will have the showers. here is how much we think we will talk about with the bull's- eye being here in the yellow. that's eastern sections of carolina, 7, 8 inches out of
and the united states military. what they do is further strengthen the case for the honorable discharge for all muslims. how many do we have? how many do we have going around that tame? we don't. almost every single terrorist attacks in the united states and that is since 9/11 one way or another. >> all they do is therapy and we were against that and as far as taking that out, this had is really crazy, un-american. >> they received more than 300 responses today. go to wusa9.com and click on their headlines. >>> students at the university of maryland are commemorating the 20th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall. and they built a small wall in the center of the plaza in college park. and they are encouraging others to cover that wall with graffiti to expr-sz their thoughts on what a wall means to them. >>> right now, it's time to check on the evening rush hour. and they are going to do that in our traffic center. >> that's right. the monday evening commute. very slow and stretches here on 270 northbound. take a look including right here at montgomery village avenue. very slow but no accid
the united states, dying for the united states. >> repter: clearly there is more to be learned about this case. more to be known about major hasan. i'm pat collins, news4, montgomery county. >>> some members of hasan's family still live in northern virginia. julie carey is in fairfax county with more on that part of the story. >> reporter: major nadal hasan has a brother and cousin in northern virginia. some came to gather on the home in the baileys crossroads area. the family will not come out to the cameras to make a statement. what they have written makes their thoughts very clear. they call major hasan's actions deplorable and despicable. inside this home, a family in seclusion. they are horrified by the rampage. a statement issued late yesterday by hasan's cousin reads, "we are shocked and saddened by the terrible events at ft. hood. we are filled with grief for the families of today's victim. our family loves america." their dismay is shared by fellow muslims at the nearby mosque. the doctor spoke at the family's tragedy in friday's prayers. >> we watched the news with tearful
it falls on the united states senate to at that time baton and bring the this efrlt to the againish line on behalf of the american people. >> reporter: but the senate may not run with it anytime soon. senator reid has yet to school the floor debate and he's hinted a final bill may not happen until early next year. and if passed, this would be the biggest expansion of health care coverage since medicare. michelle, back to you. >> tara mergener in washington. tara, thanks. >>> and just ahead on the "morning news," commuters in philadelphia get back on track this morning. plus, mixed messages. parents get lost in the facts over the h1n1 flu. first, katie couric has a preview of tonight's "cbs evening news." >>> why are big corporate donors giving to this congressman's scholarship foundation that hasn't given out a single scholarship in six years? we'll "follow the money" this week only on the "cbs evening news." . yes, they are. but i don't have time to fly all around town searching for the best price. with the sears research center, we can guarantee you get the lowest price. great, i'll ta
of thousands of combat troops from the united states that are going to be directly involved in taking on insurgents in this growing taliban. this could be kind of a murky mission, if you will. that's what people are afraid of. senior administration officials i talked to say, look, they understand the president has to make it very clear what the mission is and that in fact the afghanistan government has a commitment on its side and there's going to be an exit strategy here. they are not going to be tied down in something unending. >> as the president gets ready to address the nation tomorrow night, what do we expect the president to say. >> reporter: there are going to be some things that are very clear. first of all, we're talking somewhere in the rarng of 35,000 additional forces that the president is going to call for. this is going to be a total of 100,000 or so on the ground in afghanistan. the cost they are talking about $75 billion a year for this war effort. but they are going to say that, look, nato allies are contributing 5,000 forces or so. clear expectations from the afghan
will be devastating to the middle class of the united states and make everyone poorer for it because sooner or later you're going to run out of fish. >> thanks to egberto and garrett for those i-reports. head to ireport.com to weigh in. click the upload now link and you'll have easy instructions there. >>> the army says it needs help from troops and civilians as they investigate the mass shootings at ft. hood. investigators say they're looking for help from anyone who may have left the scene with evidence, specifically if they have vehicles that may have gunshot damage or clothing with gunshot residue on it. 42 people were injured in that shooting at the army post in texas on thursday. an army official says 17 of them and the suspected gunman are still hospitalized. >> all evidence at this point indicates the suspect allegedly acted alone in the actual shootings at the readiness center on 5 november. we have seen no evidence whatsoever to date of any friendly fire occurrences during the gunfight between ft. hood law enforcement and the alleged suspect. >> major nidal malik hasan is not on a ventilat
of the soviet union. from the united states, secretary of state hillary clinton. also french president sarkozy and gordon brown who is the prime minister of great britain. they have set up a long line of oversized dominoes along the route of the wall. and they will be toppled tonight just as the communist states were toppled 20 years ago. i'm tom brokaw, nbc news at the berlin wall. >> the memorials are being held today to remember the 136 people who were killed trying to cross the border. pat? >>> health care reform passed in the house over the weekend, but now it's onto the senate, where some lawmakers are calling it doa, dead on arrival. senate leaders need 60 supporters to prevent a filibuster and to bring a bill to a final vote. democrats may choose to let states opt out of government-based insurance program. the so-called, public option, generated a lot of debate on the sunday morning talk shows. >> 60% of the american public want a public option. >> if the public option plan is in there as a matter of conscience i will not allow this bill to come to a final vote. >> yesterday, president
will be a long and difficult recovery here. >> needing the entire resources of the united states army are at the disposal of ft. hood. >> reporter: for many, one of the most trying issues is getting past the fear that this post, their home, is no longer safe or secure. as the victims and this shattered community look for answers so do investigators. there is word now the suspected gunman major nidal malik hasan is conscious and talking and though his attorney wants to make sure those conversations are limited. >> until i meet with my client i've advised appropriate military officials that no interviews, no interrogations should be conducted by law enforcement. >> reporter: right now the army isn't saying anything about the suspect or their investigation. >> in regard to the investigation, i have nothing to add at this time in regard to that and we're working very hard to get an update to you from the criminal investigating division. >> reporter: just one of so many unanswered questions here. jay gray, nbc news, ft. hood. >>> federal investigators have visited the mosque in northern vi
weeks to points across the united states. though not quite as many trees as in years past. >> our sales are going to be down around 15%. >> blame it on the economy. that cuts down on the number of corner lot days before christmas. but they aren't complaining about that. everyone is affected by the recession, they say. >> the way it is, we're lucky. >> one thing that is hurting, though, is the profit margin. the cost of many essential chemicals and fertilizers tripled last year. growers were told it was because of record fuel prices. those fuel prices did come down. but the prices of the materials did not. >> with the economy as it is, they can't pass on all of the higher costs, they say. just hope they can make up for it in the volume of sales. as for what you will pay for your tree once it gets to your favorite lot, depends on the tree. depends on the lot. but should be about the same as last year. $50, maybe a little more for a six to six and a half footer. as for anything, growers say it's best to shop around. >> among cities cutting their christmas tree budget, chicago officials are
's a step that's a first in the united states. craig melvin has the report. >> reporter: jennifer went to a tanning bed frequently when she was a teenager and thinks it contributed to her cancer. >> everybody went. >> reporter: they are bagging the county's effort to prevent anyone under the age of 18 from using an indoor tanning bed. >> i think they are cancer machines and should be banned. >> reporter: it's not likely to happen. angela would love to see more counties impose age restrictions. >> it increases a lifetime risk of melanoma by 75%. >> reporter: many challenge the findings but bruce challenged the about to regulate tanning beds all together. the lobbyist says it fda and state of maryland are the only ones with that ablgt. >> we'll have to go to court. >> reporter: they know it will probably happen. they are ready if for a court battle. >> it's to protect kids from getting cancer. >> reporter: it passed you nan mousily. craig melvin, news 4. >>> still to come, a new swine flu vaccine approved by the fda. why there's concern about the production of antibiotics. >>> a man apol
an interesting life. that could have been the first lady of the united states this. fred thompson wanted to be president of the united states senate seat from tennessee. lori morgan joining us coming up. on car insurance. what you might not know is that you can contact geico to see if you could save on homeowner's and renter's insurance too. for more information call 1-800-947-auto or check the yellow pages for an office near you. [tires screeching] [screech] accidents can happen anytime. that's why geico's here 24 hours a day, every day. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. >> is this wjz baltimore. >> good morning, maryland. now, don scott, marty bass, breaking news with mary bubala. your first warning weather and wjz traffic control with sharon gibala. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> it's friday. >> it's the bottom of the hour. in 15 seconds it will be 6:30. sharon has what is going on after marty's weather. >>> those clouds, gorgeous sunrise. clear skies through this friday. let the weekend party begin. 49 at lunch. 47 degrees for the evening. not
in on the united states. you're going to hear what kind of trouble hurricane ida could be bringing. >>> is there a connection between the fort hood shooting suspect and 9/11 hijackers? no evidence yet but the fbi think there's reason enough to look into that. >>> plus a big question today for the supreme court. what punishment is too harsh for kids who commit crimes? >>> first, though, the u.s. gulf coast is about to get hit by the season's first atlantic hurricane, ida. a category one storm with 90-mile-an-hour winds. it made a mess in nicaragua and is due to make landfall near the alabama-mississippi state line tomorrow. louisiana already declared a state of emergency. >>> is it just me or does it seem like it's a surprise that it's november and we're just now getting our first storm from the atlantic? >> it is kind of odd. less than 5% of all tropical storms or hurricanes happen in the month of november during a season so it's odd but we're breaking the odds. this is updated within the last minute. winds are down to 80 miles per hour. still a hurricane, category 1, but continues
in the united states this year. it's already interacting with another storm and producing heavy rain in new orleans but it's probably going to pass somewhere near pensacola in florida, tampa gets heavy rain, there will be a four to six-foot storm surge and along the path of the storm between four and eight inches of rainfall, we'll see if it impacts us because some models trying to throw moisture our way by wednesday. patchy fog this morning, otherize a lot of sunshine into early afternoon. look for increasing clouds, a 2-degree guaranteed high of 71. >>> let's check the roads with kim brown. >> traffic is starting to slowdown on the outer loop about here at liberty road, due to some volume delays as you make your way towards the route 70 interchange and the baltimore national pike. things also starting to pick up, traffic volume, that is, on the top side between harford road and providence road, southbound 95 we have heavy volume with slowing between whitemarsh boulevard and the beltway but the fort mchenry tunnel is checking in smoothly. we have a crash working southbound on the harbor tu
the country could shrink to four time zones, how many the united states has. but russia is 5,500 miles wide, about twice the size of the united states. supporters say it will make disabout the regions feel closer to moscow. >> until the sunsets at 5:00 for you. >>> still breezy for new england. this weather is brought to you by green giant. what's going on across the region? yesterday, a lot of rain. this is how much we've seen. not just 24 hours. it start start ad few days ago. that's a tremendous amount of rainfall. it's all because of the wind straight off the atlantic through virginia and maryland and delaware, jersey, all the the way down to north carolina, too. that low is still in place. it's not moved very far. not as strong today. only 40 miles per hour gusts around the coastline. pab more. yesterday hurricane strength winds. here's what it looks like in new york. you get rain showers coming in. coastal flood warnings are there. p 34 miles per hour sustained winds all along the jersey shore. it breaks up in baltimore, washington, i-95. not as heavy as yesterday but you still get th
of the united states supreme court. the convicted washington, d.c. area sniper, who terrorized that city in the area are around it -- his plea for a stay of execution has been denied by the u.s. supreme court. that suggests that we are perhaps 48 hours away from his execution. there could be some kind of a stay issued by gov. 10 kaine, but he has -- gov. tim kaine, but he has indicated that nothing he has seen indicates that he deserves a state execution. at this point, the execution of the convicted d.c. sniper, who terrorized that city seven years ago, is still on. jane: drug kingpins, human traffickers, and arms smugglers all have one thing in common -- they need to move large sums of money across international borders. william is at lax. >> for every shipment of drugs that comes into the united states, millions of dollars go back to latin america and asia. cash korea's tied it on their body and in their body. coming up. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your
that they deserve. the united states will continue to stand with iraq as a strong partner and as a friend. tough challenges remain and i'm sure that there will be difficult days to come but this agreement advances the political progress that can bring lasting peace and unity to iraq and allow for the orderly transition of american combat troops out of iraq by next september. i want to congratulate our troops and civilians serving so capably in iraq and congratulate the iraqi people who have taken an important step forward in pursuit of a better future. there is more work to be con. we continue to move in the -- to be done. we look forward to iraqi elections early next year. thank you very much. >> shannon: you have been listening live to the president from the rose garden today. congratulating iraqi leaders for coming up with a new election law that will mean big change there's. and transparently but also he talked about healthcare quite a bit, congratulating the house on what they got done last night and he said he is quite sure the senate will get it done as well. it has been an ambitious goal
in the united states, are the problems you are talking about the same in europe where we know that children drink at a younger age and even drink with their families. it is part of the culture. >> a lot of people are under the impression that a younger drinking age is protective and ofen the european story is recounted. the european story is a myth. the legal drinking ages are younger in europe and their binge drinking problems are the same or worse than in america. >> reporter: you say this is a fight parents should pick with their children. pediatricians say pick your battles with their children. >> yes. i think a lot of parents by the time the kids are 15, 16 years old are picking the battles carefully. this have a fight worth picking. and what i tell parents is, i know you don't want to raise issues that aren't going to go anywhere but this is worth raising. my favorite time to talk to a kid is when you are driving in the car, eyes are forward and you have them stuck in the car. they are not going anywhere. >> the captive audience. it is an important message and one that janet says don'
have known each other for 20 years, but the united states sent billions of dollars into russia and sent the best expert there is to help them create a market economy, so much of that money went into private bank accounts of those who still have their hand on the levers of power in russia. the money simply disappeared in many instances. i don't think we were at all prepared for how unprepared russia would be to create a market economy. someone said to me here on the last couple of days, the communists always had a plan for how they would take over the west, the west didn't have a plan for how it would take over the communist empire once it fell down. i think that's a pretty good summary. >> quickly, tom, as a journalist there were few occasions when you can witness and report on something that you know is world-changing instantly, that had to be a feeling you had 20 years ago. >> reporter: as i said here getting ready to go on the air and saying to the control room in new york, there is no script. i'm going to have to ad lib by my through this because it is utter chaos and changing const
is urging lawmakers to finish the job by the end of the year. >> now it falls on the united states senate to take the baton and bring the effort to the finish line on behalf of the american people. >> reporter: but the senate may not run with it anytime soon. senator reid is yet to schedule a floor debate and while he's confident the senate will pass health care reform he's hint a final bill may not happen until early next year. tara merger, cbs news, washington. >>> are you tired of getting stuck in traffic on the way to work near tysons corner? you now have an alternative. because buss are running from woodbridge to tysons corner every morning and four return routes in the afternoon. the effort is ended to reduce congestion in the commercial hub. the service is free for this entire week. >>> metro is facing disturbing allegations. the "washington post" reports that independent monitors have been barred from doing safety checks on the tracks for a month. the paper says the monitors want to determine whether metro is following the rules after a number of workers were fatally injured on th
never made land in the united states. hurricane season officially ends december 1. for gulf coast residents, they are happy ida is not closing things out with a bang. drew levinson, cbs news, biloxi, mississippi. >> i know you have some rain, maybe this afternoon in your forecast. but it's nothing like ida. >> no, no. ida fell apart before she made the coast. did have heavy rain, still heavy rain in the deep south. while the coast may have been spared, there will be flooding rain in alabama and georgia and into the carolinas, and maybe parts of virginia. going to watch this carefully, because our viewing area could be split in half, where southern maryland, the northern neck, towards fredericksburg could see a lot of rain, and frederick might not see any rain. it's really going to be a pretty sharp cutoff. here we go the next three days, mild today. mid-60s for highs. could be an isolated shower this afternoon. tonight and tomorrow, on and off showers, more south, less north. that will be the case through thursday as well. little bit breezy. before i talk about veterans day, happy
face and the penalty he could receive. >>> plus, are 3,000 muslims who serve in the united states army. the story of one man's journey to educate others about the islamic faith. >>> president obama touched down in japan overnight. the significance of his first visit of commander in chief and what he hopes to accomplish. >>> good morning. i'm meteorologist susan shrack. things are damp for us. not like yesterday. we're seeing activity showing up on the radar from time to time. we'll continue to see that throughout the day today. temperature-wise, we are in the upper 40s and breezy with the winds kicking up. it will be another windy day for us. this is what it looks like fort weekend forecast. it looks a lot better, doesn't it? we'll finally see sunshine and up in the 60s. here's kim. >> thanks, susan. we're looking good around the beltway. no accidents or incidents to let you know about. i have a head's up for the truck drivers when bee come back. ♪ (announcer) maybe we could all use... a little more softness. with ultra downy, you're surrounded with softness. the kind you just can'
, arresting and convicting and the kind of sentence that is administered to african americans in the united states. i think in many respects it is kind of a slam dunk of a case. there was a decision made that -- for expediency purposes that the case would be tried in virginia first. and that they would probably successfully get the death penalty. and virginia is a very kind of pro death penalty state. maryland has the death penalty, but it takes a very, very long time for somebody to be -- for for sentence to be finally taken -- taken out there. >> you were talking about the speed. that was one of the arguments made in the appeal to the supreme court. not only was this mentally incompetent person who shouldn't have been representing himself but the speed didn't have enough time to make his case before a district court, and challenging that, and new associate justice sonia sotomayor was one of those who said like you know why are we rushing, you seem to be jumping ahead of the timetable set for this. >> that was one of the problems that i had with the case, the fact that the supreme court wo
united states and possibly the southern atlantic united states later in the week. we have a temperature in d.c. as we to the graphics of 48 degrees in d.c. gaithersburg, 45. spre yike, 37. hagerstown, 52, not too bad there -- frederick, 37. we will see mostly sunny skies. some of the clouds will break up as they get here, i believe. do want to mention there are some spots of fog this morning here and there across the region. here is a look at the surface map. high pressure well in control here. wave got calm win. 'll have a calm day today. again, some clouds work in. but a good amount of sunshine factoring in as well. that will help warm us up. forecast for washingtofor today, we are looking for a high of about 73 degrees. not bad at all. it is 13 degrees above normal. five-day forecast, now, you will see out temperatures drop off tomorrow into the 1r0. mid-60s with a chance of some rain showers in the afternoon and evening. wednesday, mid-50s for your highs. chance of rain on wednesday as well. thursday, more sunshine, 58. that is about where we should be, # 2 on friday with sun. that
colleagues just received a call from the president of the united states. barack obama congratulating us on a great victory for the american people. >> the day began with president obama traveling to capitol hill to make sure democrats supported the bill. late in the evening, it passed a key hurdle. >> the amendment is adopted. >> an amendment banning government-funded abortions. it was demanded by moderate democrats. republicans condemned the health care reform plan as a washington power grab. >> how does it have to get before we stop the out-of-control spending. >> republicans presented a counter offer they said was cheaper and doesn't force people to get insurance coverage. >> the health care system in america needs reform, but the pelosi plan is the wrong prescription. >> democrats say their bill covers more than 36 million who can't get or afford insurance now. >> this isn't the pelosi plan. this is a plan for all of america. >> in washington, a showdown on landmark legislation, but not the end of the fight. the senate still has to take up its own version of the bill, and the presid
in the united states. the cdc now believes at least 4,000 americans have died from h1n1. that number is four times the previous estimate and includes deas from complications like pneumonia and bacterial infections related to the virus. the cdc says since april many millions of americans have come down with the swine flu. >>> caught on camera, the final moments of a maryland man's life before a deadly police shooting. dash cam video showing what went down after he was pulled over. >>> plus, a plane full of passengers ready for takeoff. so why did police escort the pilot out? the reason could make you uneasy. >>> a fox 5 investigation 911 dispatchers accused of putting the lives of police officers on the line. tonight we track down the woman in charge. why is she running from us? fox 5 news at 10:00 is just getting started. we'll be right back.  >>> we're following breaking news tonight from the west coast. boxer mike tyson has been arrested at los angeles international airport. he reportedly got into a fight with a photographer. tyson's spokeswoman says the boxer was traveling with
but if you go to the united states and zoom in you can see that we actually have a big chunk right here in washington, d.c., if it will pull up. not showing up right here. but i promise it showed up a few minutes ago and it is one of the largest sections outside of germany and you can find it here in dc at the newseum. they have it on display. if you haven't seen it, today would be a great day to do that. >> back to you. >>> the capitals an the league reigning mvp have different opinions about his status. >>> and this morning sports headlines are next. we'll be right back. hey. don't move. for the next minute, i'm gonna show you what it's like to have verizon fios. these are your widgets, they let you put whatever you're watching down here, while you check out the local traffic, weather, even your news up there. i've got a news flash - you're out of mayo. how did you get in here? door was open. you'd have tons of ways for you to search content: by actor, director, any word at all. what about chicken? chicken's fine. any word. no i mean do you have any chicken? i want to eat some chicken
-- or heavy rain across the southeastern united states with some areas of flooding being reported in particular in alabama. so the heavy rain is there. the eye of the storm as it is will cross oveas steve and gurvir said by the end of our broadcast today but the rain is already there. the wind is there as well as tropicastorm ida makes its way ashore. we'll talk more about that a little bit later. right now, here, closer to home, our current temperature here in washington as we go back to the graphics is 55 degrees. route, 80%. winds are calm. here is a look at the satellite- radar. tucker was showing you. this a lot of cloud cover across the eastern u.s. we were in the clear for the morning hours and then the clouds started to move in. it will just be cloudy. you might sea peek of sun here or there but for the most part, cloudy skies. some of that from the tropical storm system down it our south. here is the day planner for today. we had a couple of days in the 70s. that was nice. today, we fall back into the low and mid-60s which is still above normal so it will still be a mild
the united states? there are your choices. i'll tell but that. no hurricane coming our way, by the way. i'll tell you how wet it will be tomorrow. >> we'll see you in a bit. thank you. >>> next week millions of people will be hitting the road for thanksgiving. aaa released its holiday travel forecast this morning. you can expect long lines at the airport and traffic troubles on our roads. eun yang reports from national airport. >> reporter: aaa calls it a growth in consumer confidence, a projected 4.1% increase in overall travel over the thanksgiving holiday this year. >> although it may seem slight, last year travel was down 25%. so the actual swing is more than 1.4% when you compare it to last year. >> reporter: but air travel is expected to decline by 6.7%, coinuing a downward trend that started in 2000 when it dropped an alarming 62%. travelers say high ticket prices, fewer flights and added fees make for a costly endeavor. >> i hate to pay $22 a bag. my boys wanted their own suitcase and i'm so glad i didn't. >> they are charging you an extra fee for the time you travel, on the parti
the southeastern united states, has pushed into the mid- atlantic. this is rain from two different sources, from a cold front that is out to our west. that will be pushing through here and from the remnants of ida all pushing into the region. it will give us a wet couple of days as a matter of fact. our current temperature, 53 degrees. relative humidity, 71%. winds are out of the north at 15 miles per hour. it will be breezy today too. here is your forecast for today. clouds, rain, breezy conditions, cool temperatures. our temperatures remaining fairly steady. we are looking if a high of only about 55 degrees. we are actually at 55 an hour or so ago. we might get there again but that will be about it. more details on the forecast and the cha for the latter part of this week that are coming as well. >> thank you. >>> let's check in with julie wright and say good morning on this wednesday morning. >> good morning to you all. it is a wet federal holiday and we are dealing a with a jackknifed tractor-trailer. be careful traveling the out are loop coming from co
challenge and developing nations of the asian pacific. to meet these common challenges, the united states looks to strengthen old alliances and build new partnerships with the nations of this region. >> president obama met with the japanese emperor. in singapore, he's expected to talk to russia's president about replacing the nuclear agreement which is expiring next month. >>> increased fighting in afghanistan is hurting morale among u.s. soldiers there. in contrast, two battlefield surveys found morale is up among soldiers in iraq because combat there is decreasing. the surveys indicate suicide have jumped across the board. the army says it is working to get more mental health workers to help soldiers cope with the depression. president obama plans to send more troops to afghanistan. >>> police arrested a sixth member of a missouri family accused of sexually abusing kids for years. derek mohler was found in florida where he lives. his brother and and others were arrested tuesday. six alleged victims who are now adults told investigators the suspects sexually abused them when they were ch
war ii. >> guantanamo bay was a shisters trick to evade the united states constitution and justice will be done in the shadow of the buildings they blew up. >> i guess so. that is just an illustration of how the battle lines are being drawn. people are lining up on either side of the debate. mayor bloomburg believes that the president is right . eric holder is right to wring them here. so is congressman maddler who represents that district and so does commissioner ray kelly. >> on the other side. lengthy list of people who say this will put americans at risk and a big bull's eye on new york as a terror target and a security nightmare. >> but those are the concerns. new york is a major target. how about the millions of dollars we will spend on the trial, the circus it will create in new york city. this could go on for years and i think one of the biggest concerns that people have about the 9/11 victim's family having to relive the horror next to where the world trade center went down go through the experience all over again. >> my biggest concern that this turn in an oj simpson. ind
for a veteran's break for wednesday and leave for a week around thank. >> now it falls on the united states senate to take the baton and bring this effort to the finish line on behalf of the american people. >> reporter: some predict a vote could slide into january. what they will vote on remains to be seen. the public option could face tough opposition in the senate. back to you. >> sarah, thank you very much. >>> and prince george's county investigating an accident that killed a pedestrian after 2:00 this morning on old branch avenue in marlow heights. police are still trying to figure out what happened. driver of the striking vehicle did stay on the scene. >>> also some scary moments on the roads in the district in northern virginia. around 3:00 this morning, d.c. police witnessed gunshots between two ca at 53rd street and east capital street. shots were fired at police officers and that set off a pursuit that went into alexandria and back into d.c. where the suspects bailed out of their car at 295 and malcolm x avenue. police made three arrests and no officers were hurt. police believe
the coast of the main land. and you can see right now heavy rain across southeastern united states. and now we see a bandy of heavy rain developing from the gulf of mexico to florida and alabama has flood issues this morning. much of the region has flood warnings in affect because o the heavy rain. up to 8 inches of rain is likely in several locations so ida having an impact. close to home, here is a look at our temperatures. we have a temperature at reagan national of 50. we have to go to the graphics to see what wre doing here. 53 degrees at reagan national. dulles international is at 50. bwi marshall is at 50 degrees. satellite radar composite for the region. a lot of clouds over us this morning. its going to be a cloudy day today. your forecast for today is cloudy. temperatures cooler than yesterday. highs in the low to mid-60s as opposed to the low to mid-70s. we'll have more details on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> tony, thank you for that. >>> let's check in with julie wright and look at what s happening in the land of traffic. >> all of these cars. and nowhere to g
. >>> meanwhile people here in the united states are preparing for the possibility hurricane ida could hit the gulf coast. chuck's here with more on that. >> that's right. yes, indeed. a clear sky over washington right now. we are watching out for all eyes on ida down in the gulf coast. let's go ahead and check out our weather graphics computer. all eyes on ida, indeed. watches and warnings have already been posted. tropical storm and hurricane watches and warnings posted along the gulf coast. a landfall of a hurricane is possible early on tuesday. we may have the wind and rain here in the washington area by wednesday. certainly nothing of a strong wind nature here in washington. still, nonetheless. there you can see the watches and warnings posted along the gulf coast from new orleans and mobile and pensacola to the big bend of the florida peninsula. 460 miles now to the south of pensacola, florida. the storm is moving up to the northwest at 12 miles per hour. a full check on the track and our work and school forecast coming up in a few minutes. >>> redskins, they now sit at 2-6 halfway t
see a lot of troughs moving across the united states, so i do not think we will see a hurricane again, but looked at the models. definitely there is a possibility for the store to re- emerge in the gulf of mexico, possibly making another landform -- landfall into florida. hurricane season does not end until the end of november. back to you. jon: i cannot believe that. new orleans is going to have to watch out again. jane: take a look at live pictures from capitol hill. on the left, we are monitoring nancy pelosi's news conference. on the right, all live picture of the capital. -- a live picture of the capitol. republicans are not the party in power, so even if thousands were to show up at the top of the hour, would that make a difference? jon: a drug bust at an ocean springs, mississippi, home. the son of a couple running the center was making a mess, cooking it up right around where the kids were attending a preschool and playing. and it gets worse. he was under house arrest on a 2004 cocaine charge. >> when you are responsible for someone's children, why would you have a convicted f
in the military you can go through the supreme court of the united states. these people on death rolw are still waiting to be executed. will he ever received the ultimate punishment, or would be any time soon? that is a guessing game. bill: you are suggesting that there is a long way to go and that it is possible that it never goes to trial. >> because no one can go to trial, no matter how heinous the trial, if they are not competent for sane, that is true in the military or the civilian world. he has to be at -- evaluated by army psychiatrists. if this turns out to be terrorism, you have an issue of concurrent jurisdiction with the form of justice. he could go to trial, he could be convicted, and then at that point if it is determined that he has violated the law anti- terrorism statute, the department of justice can prosecute him in civilian and federal court. bill: this is a long way down the road, you are making great points. we will see were the investigation takes us. back to the economy, juliet has that. juliet: unemployment has hit a 26 year high. what about the stimulus? it was suppose
the coverage is. >> this particular side of the debate started wednesday when the united states preventive services task force recommended that women can hold off on their annual mammograms until age 50. but since then, health secretary kathleen sebelius has said federal policy has not changed. >>> the walmart scuffle that turned into a whole lot more, and left this schoolteacher facing a possible 15-year jail sentence, the deal that will keep her out of prison and what she has to say about it. >>> plus, the $420,000 glove. and that wasn't the only item worn by the king of pop, selling for top dollars today. a new customer wanted to insure his home so we did a nationwide on your side review. turns out it was more valuable than he thought. we got him the coverage he needed. it was a good thing we did 'cause a week later his house burned down. being proactive meant a family home could see generations to come. i am carlton ballard and i am on your side. switch to nationwide insurance now. wow! [ grunts ] oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. aah! [ door opens, closes ] wow. what's the occasion? [ m
. there was a custody agreement that was agreed to in the united states that my ex-wife ignored and broke federal and state laws in order to ignore. and i think we have to come back to that stance first. and say, okay, this -- the jurisdiction can't be moved by an individual to japan or to whatever country just because they like it. >> savoie was released from jail last month. no word when he will be able to see his children. >>> the jury begins to consider whether the death penalty should be given to a man who killed anne pressly to death. he shouted. >> it is a corrupt system. >> today was justice for anne. i know nobody is more grateful than the parents and all of anne's friends. >> the jury's sentencing options death or life without parole. if they can't decide the judge imposes a life sentence. >>> somebody walked into a convenience store and stole money donated for a 10-year-old boy with a brace disorder. >> i was absolutely sick. it made me sick. i couldn't believe that somebody could do that and, i mean, how do you sleep at night? how do you live your life. the woman collecting donations
the anniversary. hillary clinton will be there to represent the united states. >>> 6:15 is your time. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> we will start off with lisa baden. >> things are moving relatively nicely. i do not have any problems to report for anyone heading around the beltway. getting to the beltway on 95 and 66. if you're exiting from nutley street onto the eastbound 66, a vehicle is stopped at the end of the merge lane. nothing complicated on 301, route 4, or route 5. the american legion bridge traffic looks good. as far as the weather, it is gorgeous. >> indeed it is. look at our storm scan -- storm watch weatherbug network. i will show you how clear and gorgeous it is. the sun is coming up. sunshine will be abundant. it should be a gorgeous day for you. temperature-wise, mainly in the 40's. a couple of upper 30's and near 50. minute 40 to get you started. i want to show you the storm scan. there is a hurricane ida in the gulf of mexico. it affected central america and made a turn. it headed back. the gulf waters are not as warm. gusting to 115. it will hit land to
>>> tracking ida, the tropical storm moves towards the united states. complete coverage on the potential impact. >>> check for these stories and all of the breaking news. eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. >>> corruption, scandal at
in america. now the united states senate must follow suit and pass its version of the legislation. i am absolutely confident it will, and i look forward to signing comprehensive health insurance reform into law by the end of the year. now, a senior aide says that the president did watch the vote as it happened in the house there from camp david. president obama, by the way, is set to return to the white house from camp david sunday afternoon. elaine quijanoo, cnn, washington. >>> the bill now moves on to the senate, where it must also pass, if it is to become law. as in the house, senate democrats are having a hard time winning over republican support for the bill. if the senate passes the bill, the senate version must be reconciled with the house bill that passed last night before it can be signed in to law. >>> it will be a tough day tomorrow for commuters in philadelphia. talks aimed at ending a transit strike broke down last night. bus drivers and trolley and drivers walked off the job yesterday. an independent audit to make sure pension funds are secure and it says it will not star
is making landfall today. her moisture will move across the eastern half of the united states and worked up the coast. i want to show you, we see the moisture coming up the coast, but this model keeps it to our south and east. another keeps it on through. it will still be cooler and gray over the next few days. but it will not be the biggest rainfall. we will have to keep an eye on it. the best chance of rain will be south and east of the city. that is what week are thinking. we could be wrong. >> we appreciate your honesty. >> let's check in with philip stewart at the live desk this morning with some interesting stories for us. >> we begin with "sesame street 's" 40th birthday. the neighborhood will mark the milestone with special guest michelle obama. "sesame street" has aired more than 4000 episodes and brought home over 120 emmy o awards. lady gaga is raising eyebrows, showing up without an over the top costume. this was on a german tv show over big weekend. she still managed to turn heads with some thigh-high boots and she revealed a tattoo on her arm. she did have some i make up. stil
was not seriously injured. >>> parts of the gulf coast are on alert as tropical storm ida moves towards the united states. wjz has first warning coverage. drew levinson reports from gulf of mexico, mississippi. even though ida is no longer a hurricane, expecting strong winds and lots of rain. >> reporter: tropical storm warnings along the gulf coast are not keeping some people away. dieanda helpeddercot and cheryl holly are visiting from missouri. they came down here with visions of taking beauty shots to put on up on their walls back home. >> i was hoping for the blue sky and water and this is not what we expected. >> reporter: oliver lancaster know what's to expect. >> katrina almost destroyed his biloxi home four years ago. he knows ida is no katrina but he still pulled down the front porch swings and secured anything he could. >> just in case. >>> dispute ida weakening, the governor in mississippi as well as florida and alabama have declared a state of emergency, and in louisiana ida is beginning to stir the surf. crews on grand isle are using bulldozers to shore up a levee. >> we plan to work
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